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of the chinese dissident chen who the government there can travel for a travel permit to go to the united states to study. before secretary of state hillary clinton worked tout and this is what romney had to say and he had been turned over to the chinese without protection. >> it is a dave shame for the obama administration. >> question: did governor over react in the middle of the diplomatic chrisis? >> i don't think so. it is what we are dealing with in china. we know we are dealing with people who are parinoid and control freaks and a totalitarian system. they control the wors on the internet and who visits him in jail or i am sorry, in the hospital. these are the things we are deal. and second there is a propensity that the administration seems to have to have an unwillingness to enforce american values. we saw that in 2009 in the green revolution in iran and we see it in china that the administration looked reluctant to enforce the defensive of the united states of human rights and respect for huhan rights and that is troubling. i am not sure why the administration has a propensity to feel
occupied military post in the united states. we'll get a special tour of west point. >> coming up, i'll tell you why this person is driving badly to save lives. >> something you probably do just about every day may be hazardous to your health. >> that and lots more right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> we've all seen those cute paper balloons in stores. you fill one out when you donate money. but you may wonder, who does your dollar help? nicole has the story. >> ♪ a little bit longer, hey >> musician nick jonas, american idol david archuleta, and teen dream justin bieber -- they're just some of the celebs who support the children's miracle network hospitals. but 13-year-old alena, and millions of kids like her, are the real stars of the charity. alena gets a special present delivered to her house once a week. it's not clothes, jewelry, or games. alena's gift is medicine that helps keep her alive. >> so i have a rare genetic disorder called maroteaux-lamy, or also known as mps vi, and i t
of the united states refused to speak up on behalf of the demonstrators in the streets of tehran and gone from one episode to another. we are over a yearr and talk about possibly vetting some people . nearly 10,000 people have died. this is a brutal regime of incredible porportion. by the way, if bashar assad fails it is the greatest blow to iran because it cuts off holy et cetera. horrible things are happening in syria. this administration abandons foreign leadership. these people are ready to help these people and they are helping them some. but cries out for american leadership. and american leadership is not there. >> let me follow up there. is a story on the front page of the new york times that president obama is considering trying to get assad out with the help of the russians. how likely do you think that is? >> here we are a year later and 10,000 killed and main supplier of arms, we are going to convince them our hopes rest on convincing them to ease out assad and comparing it to yemen which there is no comparison. this is a sad story. what the conclusion you can draw is that the pres
of the united states senate. there are votes about nothing but political messages and the buffet rule and the interest rate on student loans and we all gree needs to be addressed and they want to do it in a way that the republicans can't support. and the floor of the united states senate and the reason it is not functioning today it is about political gimmicks rather than solving problems and people who are run nothing the country including mr. murdoch are talking about spending and jobs and economy which are all things that are on the hearts and minds of the american people. we need people who come to washington that are serious about the challenges. they would welcome voting on a budget and does something about tax reform and deals with fundmental challenges that frankly that is not happening today. i hope we get a enfusion in nov that helps us to set an agenda and take us in a different direction and work with a republican president who is intend on solve fixing problemms rather thann running for election and using campaign gimmicks. >> this is what reid said about the prospect of
the united states abroad, then you might want to consider becoming a diplomat. lauren looks into what a diplomat does and what it takes to become one. >> let's start with a quick american history question. >> the department of state. >> correct. while usually called the state department, the official name is the united states department of state. it was established all the way back in 1789. with headquarters in washington, d.c., the state department is headed by the secretary of state, currently hillary clinton. its job is to oversee all our foreign relations. in fact, listen to how the state department describes its mission. that's quite a task. and to help the state department achieve those goals is the job of the u.s. foreign service. >> what we want to do is, we want to promote america's interests. we want to promote peace. we want to promote understanding. we want to make sure people around the world know what america is all about. >> assistant secretary hammer explained that foreign service officers are also called diplomats. they're assigned to work at one of the more than 250
parts. >> the united states engages in a number of operations to go after al qaeda and their militant allies. >> reporter: the plot was timed on the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. members of congress say while they concerned about new threats, they're confident in the u.s.'s ability to stop them. >> american intelligence was very much involved. there were many layers of defense here and it worked. >> they have to be right once. >> to be right every time. >> reporter: letters from osama bin laden's compound detailed his desire to attack the u.s. on a 9/11 anniversary. terror experts say yemen has e merged as a hot bed of al qaeda activity. >> al qaeda is home to the world's most dangerous bomb maker. >> reporter: frank has the homeland security policy institute at george washington university. that bomb maker remains at large and salufo said he's a serious threat. >> i think it's highly likely if he didn't have a direct hand, he's been training the next generation of bomb makers. >> reporter: for its part, the tsa has not announced new security measures in response to that foi
a historic agreement between the united states and -- today i signed a historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries. >> the president greeting troops and making a major milestone in the war one year after the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> plus the feds stop a homegrown terror plot, the target a bridge over a major national plot, more on the suspected bombers and how they were stopped. >> the heat is on. we're starting the month of may with summer-like weather including some storms headed our way. >>> we begin with the president's surprise visit to afghanistan. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the president addressed the nation tonight laying out an exit strategy to the war. >> all of this on the first anniversary of the raid that killed osama bin laden. fox 5's will thomas has more in today's surprise visit. >> as you know, the surprise had everything to do with keeping the president safe, but the timing is certainly no coincidence. politics aside for now the president's m
is telling the top syrian diplomat to the united states he has to leave. the move comes as several governments also expelled their syrian ambassadors and that is in response to a massacre of syrian villagers by the president of assad. and tom, how long does he have to get out? >> reporter: not long. he said that he has 72 hours to leave the united states. this comes as governments earn the world have been reacting strongly to the u.n. and qualifying as the execution's of 108 people of the syrian government's crackdown against protestors. damascus and the united nation's invy met with serious president and told him if the government doesn't cease the attack, it would force into action. the white house today, officials say at this point, all options are on the table, the military action is not the first choice. >> we don't believe that militarization, the situation in syria at this point is the right course of action and we believe that it would lead to greater chaos and carpage. >> and that is at this -- at this point, and they don't want it to be a future of blood shed and issue an
the national security of the united states. >> reporter: g-8 leaders will discuss a variety of other issues as well, from afghanistan to iran. the number one topic is expected to be europe's debt crisis and how to keep it from further damaging the world's economy. >> and you have the trouble spots around the world and middle east and in our and china. makes it difficult for the u.s. economy to grow. >> reporter: a new leader is joining the group and mrs. obama welcomed the new president who could make waves because he's at odds with some european lead or economic issues and wants to speed up the withdrawal of frenchtrops from afghanistan faster than his predecessor. >> and [ speaking in native tongue ] [ through translator ] >> for the french people to the effect our combat troops will be withdrawn from afghanistan by the end of 2012. >> reporter: debate about the way forward in afghanistan is one of the main focuses at the nato sum it and that is once the g-8 summit wraps up. >> protestors are heading to thurmont, maryland. the close of the town to the lockdown in camp david. and tom fitzg
in that crash. the chief warrant officer pratt's body is being returned to the united states this evening in delaware and details on the funeral arrangements are pending. >>> and in virginia, a culpeper police officer is facing a shootings death there. he's pacing -- facing murder charges. ion henrehan is live with the latest. >> there were elements that seemed suspicious from the get go and look at this video. a 54-year-old woman's car the 54-year-old was shot to death by the police officer. he started -- she started driving away dragging the officer said witnesses but the husband said that that jeep wrangler didn't have power windows and didn't add up. the special prosecutor was called in yesterday, the grand jury indicted the police officer daniel harmon wright on's murder charge other and counts. the victim taught sunday school and her minister cobb seeds that it's been hard for locals to remain neutral. >> and we know we had to be parent with this -- patient with this. this is how it works, in the best interest to everybody. not to jump to conclusions or have preconceived notions but
. the naacp support of marriage owe quality is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection of all people. >>> a look at the morning's other top stories. the two teenagers charged in friday's shooting outside the rockville metro station will be in court for a bond review today. 16-year-old kevin nguyen and 17- year-old tavares harris are both charged with attempted first degree murder. police believe a 16-year-old male was the intended target after an ongoing dispute. and 18-year-old bistander was grazed by a bullet. both are expected to be okay. >>> the former libyan intelligence officer convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 in 1988 is dead. the lockerbie bomber died yesterday from prostate cancer. he was found guilty of killing 270 people in the attack. most of the victims were americans. he was rereesed from prison three years ago. one victim's mother who lives in severna park is not mourning his death. >> prostate cancer. however, it was a libyan doctor who diagnosed it and said he had three months to live. no other cancer, no cancer e
as president of the united states. >> reporter: and the surrogates hit the talk show circuits, like the vice president. >> we've got the best candidate. this guy has a back bone like a ram rod. i think we have clearly the best candidate. america's position on national security is stronger with president obama. >> reporter: on fox news sunday, a potential vice president polished debate points. >> joe biden's record on foreign policy is wrong on everything he's asked for, from dividing iraq, to telling the president not to do this operation. >> reporter: former republican opponents are coming together around their nominee. >> so you have endorsed him? >> as far as i'm concerned i've endorsed him and we're working with his campaign team. i want him to carry the maximum number of states. >> romney will be trusted by a lot of women. very smart. he has an optimistic message of what women want more than anything, jobs in the economy to turn around. that is the big issue. >> reporter: democrats meanwhile are sending out the attack dogs. >> the average american thinks mitt romney doesn't care about t
those who gave so much for the united states of america. we thank you for watching, for being part of our program. and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> rolling thunder and rolling storms in the district this memorial day weekend as we honor our nation's servicemen and women. >> one family never expected they'd be mourning this memorial day as police continue to investigate the death of a marine in ft. meade. >> and a vicious attack on innocent animals. police in fairfax county are investigating a second crime on animals within the past month. welcome to the news at 10:00. i'm maureen umeh. >> up until tonight mother nature provided us a hot and sunny memorial day weekend, but now comes the rain. tonight's memorial day concert on capitol hill was cut short forcing hundreds of guests to evacuate. lets turn things over to gwen tolbart in the weather center with an update. >> we had a line of rain and storms that moved through. some were fairly strong. we had a couple of severe thunderstor
in the western united states with fires already burning in five western states. one in prescott, arizona, and the other in northern colorado. and the fire started earlier this week and is burning near ft. collins, colorado, and that is burningin in pines and steep areas of the region. the winds helped with the fire and there are evacuations of some smaller communities. it's beautiful and dangerous. >> you have to deal with it. and that is beautiful and this is coming with the territory. >> that is scary. you know, we have friends, neighbors, you know and this is a tight community here and, you know, i am worried. i'm really worried about it. >> reporter: a fire burning near prescott, arizona, not far from phoenix continues to burn and started last sunday. the gladiator fire chewed up more than 13,000 acres and is burning in the remote areas and stay away from the mining towns. so far, the winds have died down and helping them in their fight. the humidity is still at very low levels. and as they burn, the neighbors are keeping a close eye on what is happening with the fire situation in ca
about a procedure tested here in the united states. >> something we could all use, a million dollars. next hour the editor of kiplingers, personal finance what you can do now to start saving to be a millionaire. that and more coming up at 8:00 a.m. stay with us  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub! featured $5 footlong™ of may! melty cheese, kickin' pepperoni and our signature marinara sauce on freshly baked bread. this may only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh. >>> new plot to blow up a u.s. bound plane and it involved an upgraded version of the so called underwear bomb. how the cia was able to stop the attack before it happened whichever. >> this is one of two montgomery county school employees in police custody this morning both accused of sex offences involving students a live report coming up. >>> then later this hour, called the silent killer high blood pressure can lead to major health problems but there is something new that might help. an expert from the fox medical team is on the story and will join us live. i
will now look after me and take care of me and meet the demands. >> al-qaeda is asking the united states to stop air strikes in afghanistan and somalia, in pakistan and yemen. they are also asking for several terror suspects who are in custody in the united states to be released. we do not know whether this video was recorded and also at this point, as can you understand at the early hour, we have not yet heard any public statements from the u.s. state department. >> thank you. >>> al-qaeda did suffer a blow. a u.s. drone strike in yemen killed a senior leader. he was killed by a missile when he stepped out of his vehicle. he had been on the fbi's most wanted list for his role in the bombing of the u.s.s. cole in yemen back in 2000. 17 american sailors were killed in the tax. a second al-qaeda operative was also reportedly killed in u.s. air strikes. >> fairfax county police need your help tracking down a hit and run driver who killed a woman. police have now put up electronic message signs in a mount vernon neighborhood asking anyone with information to get aheld of them. 21-year-old sh
. >> reporter: there is no debate here that osama bin laden's death was a clear victory for the united states but the anniversary is touching off an election year battle here. one year later there isn't much to see at osama bin laden's one time compound in pakistan people still take pictures at the place where the terrorist leader and arch enemy of the united states met his demise. john brennan says it was part of a turning point. >> if a decade before 9/11 was the time of al qaeda's rise and the decade after was the time of its decline, then i believe this decade will be the one that sees its demise. >> reporter: president obama meantime raised some eyebrows at the white house yesterday when he used osama bin laden's death to take a not so vailed swipe at mitt romney during an official visit by the prime minister of japan >> i said i would go after osama bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did, if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then, i would go ahead and let them explain it. >> reporter: an obama campaign ad once said, romney
alcohol excise tax at the present time is below one- half of jurisdictions in the united states. the tax in the district is not been increased since 1990. >> estimates on how much this proposed tax will cost vendors varies depending on who you ask. the distilled spirits council of the united states predicted an increase of 12.5% on spirits, 9.7% on wine, and 8.5% on beer. >> from national brewers, local brewers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, all facets of the industry. and they are all very much concerned about the excise tax. >> the mayor said last week his plan to raise revenue by allowing bars to stay open later remains the best plan. instead of creating a new tax on drinks. >> i stay with where i was. i say no new taxes and i don't want to move to introducing a new tax when i said i wouldn't do that. >> council member graham believes the $20 million that could be generated through this excise tax could be used to help fund some social services that are facing budget cuts. meanwhile, these extended bar hours basically failed in graham's committee and today he
.s. customs and border protection, roughly 41% of them are caught trying to come back into the united states at a later time. but in tucson, arizona, one of the busiest border patrol sectors, agents put some illegal immigrants on buses and transport them back to mexico by way of california and texas, hundreds of miles away from their original point of entry. the concept is known as lateral repate ration and the department of homeland security says it takes the recidivism rates down to 27%. while it's seen as a success for cbp, immigration rights group argue it puts those people in serious danger. >> they may not know where shelter would be or where the local municipal office of the mexican government, for example, would be, where they can get help. they wouldn't know the area. like being dropped in new york city where you've never been and having to favor gat -- navigate. >> they are not just dropped off and cast out. there's an official agreed upon process with the government of mexico and the united states to make sure wthat process is followed. >> reporter: border control says this helps
live my life in the united states. >> reporter: tarhuni worships at the islamic center of portland, a focus of several terror investigations. its imam is also on the no fly list, once accused of funding the so-called portland six, a group from the mosque convicted of conspiracy to levy war against the u.s. more recently mohamed mohamud was charged with trying to detonate a fake car bomb at a portland christmas tree lighting ceremony. he, too attended the mosque. larry chandler is a member of the joint terrorism task force. >> i don't think the mosque itself is any threat at all. it's the activities of the people who attend that location. >> reporter: an fbi official says to get on the no fly list someone must be considered a threat to an aircraft or the passengers. to give them an explanation he adds would jeopardize security. at issue for the courts is do people have a right to fly and does the government have a right to keep them from flying without telling them why? in seattle dan springer, fox news. >>> the fbi is searching for one of their own special agents. steven ivans of
officials say poses a major threat to the united states. >> al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula is definitely the greatest threat the united states faces from al-qaeda t controls territory and it is able to move freely through a large swath of territories. so it is able to gather resources. it has places where it can train and provide safe havens. >> reporter: authorities say al- qaeda developed a more refined detonation system for this new bomb. >> early reports say it isn't made out of metal. it would have made it through a metal detector. >> some security officials suggest technology is troubling. >> it is worrysome that al- qaeda on the arabian peninsula is able to build these sorts of bombs still after a year or more of increasing drone strikes killing members of the external operations team. >> reporter: this latest foiled plot has created mixed emotions for some airline travelers. some are relieved. >> not too worried about it. >> reporter: others say not so fast. >> the next one is already either being planned or being stopped or moving further down the pipeline. >> reporter: at this
to be able to enjoy a beautiful day like today. >> we are the united states navy band commadores, premere jazz ensemble of the united states navy >> i love this kind of thing where military bands come out. they put on a great show on the holidays. they work the holiday ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> this day, they are still giving their lives for us and giving us this comfort of you know, being safe and knowing that if anything happens they are there. >> cotton candy bubble gum. >> yum. sit melting too fast for you? >> no. it hasn't melted even once. >> being a new yorker after 9/11 it was such a tragedy for everyone, and it is a wonderful thing just to know that they are giving their lives for us and keeping us safe. [ applause ] >> looks like everyone had fun. >> plenty of people showed their colors and spirit. drill teams, marching bands, community groups and military units entertained the crowds that came out to watch. >> i think you need to think of you know in the sense of memorial day the people who sacrificed their lives in some sense it is sad they are no longer with us but be happy we ha
for example in the united states europe and middle east have been increased especially on u.s. bound aircraft. the department of homeland security saying agents continue to monitor intelligence reporting and respond appropriately, there were some reports earlier this week they are concerned about bombs that would be inserted inside the bodies of militants but again that is just what they are hearing they are working on no specific and credible threat about that. dc commuters will see increased security on metro we are told transit police anti terror teams will be on what is agency said is a heightened state of individual lens more transit police officers around they will see that greater presence on the cars and also at the metro stations perhaps on metro buses as well metro reiterating it does not have a specific threat as well but the agency well knows, public transit has been and could be a target that is why they are taking extra precautions and reminding riders, to report any suspicious activity or unattended packages and tony and allison, another place we observed what looks like a litt
with the court's mission, the united states would like to -- the case of ivan carter. >> reporter: a latin turn meaning will not prosecute. >> i am proud to report the results of this drug court and those around the country have been cleared. three quarters of the graduates nationwide are able to reavoid rearrest for two years after the program. and studies suggest drug court can reduce crime as much as 45%, more than any other option. 45%. >> reporter: and she was among the group to get her diploma. eight months ago, she was strung out on pcp. >> when i was on the street and that light didn't come on. >> until her arrest last september 11th. >> especially for my kids, i need a clean and clear mind. i have teenagers and grandkids. it was time to break the chain. >> reporter: this is the irony. as she accepted her dip prime a she recruited an aspect drug poem she -- recited an antidrug poem she wrote herself at the age of 13. >> does it make you hip to put a joint between your lips, will does it make you happy to impress your friends or will they be there to the end. a place where only can you
advance our interests. >> some pakistani officials say the united states is overreacting. they say while they're happy osama bin laden is dead, they're not happy about the way the raid was carried out. >>> a hacking attack on a federal employee's retirement savings plan, more than 120,000 accounts affected as a result. fox's jennifer griffin with those details. >> reporter: a major cyber attack targeting a retirement savings plan possibly exposing the personal information of more than 120,000 federal employees. the victims include at least 25 members of congress in both the house and the senate. the thrift savings plan is available to almost all current and retired government employees and military personnel. >> given the way that information was very well organized that was taken, names, addresses, social security numbers, personal information, it tells you that there's definitely probably some kind of organized crime connection. >> reporter: the hacking occurred last july against tsp contractor sarco. the fbi notified both sarco and the tsp last month about the attack, sarco issuing
to the united states. chen wong chang was pushed in a wheelchair surrounded by people at the airport. a flurry of diplomatic wrangling happened between the u.s. and china because of this. he is approved to study law at new york university. >>> teenage girl is dead and several others wounded after a bombing outside of a high school in italy. investigators say the explosion went up a few minutes before classes started today. this is amateur video from the scene. investigators say that they don't know who set off the bomb. the area is known for organized crime but there are no leads in the case. >>> when a federal operations investigate gun running between the u.s. and mexico back fired, a u.s. border patrol agent wound up dead. the republican leaders on the hill want answers from the attorney general eric holder. fox's peter doocie explains. >> reporter: speaker of the house john boehner said that, quote, all options are on the table with regard to possibly holding the attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for not complying with an october subpoena connected to the fast and furiou
magazine cover. >> the largest bank in the united states admits to a huge financial mistake. $2billion. we are checking more headlines as we continue. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design. >>> making headlines this morning, a month after an embarrassing scandal hit the secret service, government investigators have now interviewed the prostitute at the center of the fair. she voluntarily met with them at a u.s. embassy in spain. she left colombia due to the media attention. she claims a drunken secret service agent refused to pay her fee after a night together so she went to the cops. prostitution, by the way, legal in colombia. eight secret service employees have lost their jobs in the scandal. >>> prosecutors rested their case in the john edwards trial. many of his closest friend and advisors were called to the stand during the 14 days of dramatic testimony. edwards is accused of ma
china and the united states. word this morning that china is budging. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >>> there is a live look outside. you can already tell it's going to be a summery day. the sun is up. it's warm. i believe the humidity is up there as well. this is friday, may 4th, 2012. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm alison seymour. already 66 degrees on this nice warm friday morning. and it's friday. almost 90 degrees, tucker barnes, did i hear you say that earlier? good morning. >> good morning. yeah. it's going to be close. well into the 80s today and a lot of humidity. summertime air mass here to stay for at least one more day. let's look at our current temperature at reagan national, 66 degrees. humidity, 87%. plenty of water out there in the atmosphere. winds, none out of the north now at zero miles per hour. earlier they were out of the south. few showers and thunderstorms overnight. now we're focused on a cold front which is to our north and west. towards chicago and st. louis, that will roll in here later this afternoon and tonight and with that chang
in the united states today. >> reporter: the congressman's attempted intervention on abortion regulations in d.c. prompted many city residents to call ironically for more constituent service. >> i live in the district and i'm so glad mr. franks is so into taking care of all of our urban problems. one thing he could do is make sure there's continued federal funding for the metro. aarp eugene kinlow brought a for the -- >> reporter: eugene kinlow brought a photo about a pothole. >> he might as well take care of these potholes, too. >> reporter: some came to get the arizona congressman to intervene on confusing parking regulations. many referred to the arizona republican as mayor franks. >> one thing he can deal with is the anacostia river. it's dirty. it needs to be cleaned and i brought that plunger along to give to mayor franks so that he could help plunge the river. >> reporter: congressman trent franks sees the office was closed for the day. the house is on recess, although most other offices were staffed. the protestors tried to leave their ironic suggestions on the door of the arizona c
, they will find the streets carved by united states marines. i am here to represent and remember all of the women and men of the marine corps who have served this great nation, so proudly and well. i place these rose petals in tribute and memory of them. >> memorial day for me is an opportunity to reflect on those who made my service possible and those who maid an impact, -- made an impact in my time in the navy and afterwards. too many went before me building a stronger nation. a navy known around the world for her humanitarian and earner gypsy aid as well as her ability to be -- emergency aid as well as her ability to be on time. >> again reminding us brian, dating back to the civil a women have always served voluntarily. >>> bob barner we apologize for difficulties. >>> as memorial day celebrations take place across the nation, wishes of one fallen hero are granted as the letter of william stacey is red at a service in kabul -- read at a service in kabul. >> reporter: as a traditional wreath laying was held at arlington national cemetery, sacrifices of the brave men and women who lost their li
is not discussing the cause of his death. his body has been returned to the united states. >>> and new details about a key donor whose money is at the center of john edwards' criminal trial. jonathan sery has the latest from north carolina. >> reporter: a witness said that one of john edwards' key deaners felt she was used by the former presidential candidate. huffman, a close friend of bunny melon, testified the wealthy heiress was deeply angered by a request to provide 40 to $50 million to a poverty foundation after edwards' presidential hope was dashed. huffman said that edwards later claimed he didn't know his aid andrew young asked for that much. young said the amount of edwards' idea. -- edwards' idea. huffman testified he believed young was telling the truth. melon's money is at the center of the campaign corruption trial. prosecutors alleged that edwards masterminded the scheme to use $1 million to hide the pregnant mistress as he sought the white house. many legal experts say worn 01- year-old melon is not expected to take the witt only does she of information based on what i told, she was
the southeastern united states coast. that is why i'll start with futurecast to show you what that is doing. again, that's only one model's view. a couple spotty showers around tomorrow or maybe even a thunderstorm in the afternoon, but nothing widespread. so a big change from what we have had. we've been talking about this system developing. look what happened. saturday at 1:00 you can see the circulation with it with our rpm model. it wants to take it ashore it looks like sometime saturday potentially down here across the southeast. again that's just an outlook. it's nothing to be taking to the bank yet. sometimes when we have this kind of circulation it can maybe clip our area with a change in wind direction. so that's what i'm kind of noticing here with futurecast bringing some showers into southeastern virginia. could that change? absolutely. this system will do whatever it wants to and it has not developed yet. there is some kind of storm that will need to be monitored. it may even end up being tropical storm beryl this weekend. saturday and sunday 90 degrees, a slight chance of a thundersto
. brazil defeats the united states 4-1. >>> what we return, ted leonesis' son zachary hopes to bring the luck from ted. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. >>> your washington wizards had the second best chance of securing the number 1 pick in the lottery. 19.9%. you are saying there is a chance. the wizards hoping to win the lottery for the second time in three years. ted leonsis' son, zachary representing washington, brought his grand father's wedding band for support. his father was in the good seeds. bobcats and hornets for the topic. zachary feeling confident but the next team drawn, you don't want it to be it the next team because that's the third team and it was the wizards. tonight's lottery winner, the new orleans hornets represented by coach monty williams. they ever expected to take home anthony davis >>> flip sawnder, now a celtic advisor checking out celtics. game 2. dwyane wade's pass stolen by rajon ron
on the anniversary of the death of bin laden. >> had i been president of the united states, i would have made the same decision the spread president made which was to remove him and i acknowledge that actually a year ago when this was announced that the president deserved cede feat the decision he made. i continue to believe that and certainly would have taken that action myself. >> now romney will make a campaign stop in chantilly this morning. tonight, he will have a fundraiser at the pentagon city ritz. >>> the latest real clear average ever politics shows the president leading in virginia by 46% to romney's 44%. mney's >>> newt gingrich has announced will suspend his campaign this afternoon. he has in the come forward to endorse romney but a spokesman says that could happen in a couple of weeks. >>> the search is on for a suspect accused in an armed robbery right near the university of maryland campus. this happened around 11:15 last night on the 4500 block of heartwick road. the 35-year-old victim said he was trying to open his car when three males wearing hoodies assaulted him. the susp
, today, but still security teams not only in washington dc but other cities throughout the united states are saying they are not going to let their guard down airports in the united states for example, as well as europe and middle east will be under increased surveillance, especially on flights bound for the u.s., and while there is no specific threat they would like to use those specific words, intelligence officials say there is always a concern terrorists will use a big event like this to strike in new york and washington, transportation ports will be the focus of heightened vinal lens, transit police and their own -- individual lens, vigilance, transit police and their own security will be out in force. a renewed scrutiny or focus on tour buses, we saw several around dc yesterday, being stopped and inspected no specific word from department of homeland security or tsa about, exactly what is going on there, they are being cagey with what they are doing where they are doing it and when as you can understand one other thing though, with metro, metro is also saying, they don't have any
along the southeastern united states. it's got winds of about 30 miles an hour already mainly to the east of the center and this is the kind of thing if you're heading down to the beaches, you may want to keep an eye on it. mid-atlantic beaches, probably not so much. carolina beaches may have to watch it. let me show you the cloud pattern, there are a lot of clouds and they have that kind of symmetrical pattern we'll show you in a bit. you can take the weather forecast with you everywhere you go. we've got the ipad up to show you our fox 5 weather app. we've got it on radar now. you can see diminishing showers. heading down to florida this weekend? check the weather photograph down there. let's say heading down toward tampa, a couple thunderstorms down there. we can see what's going on off the coast of florida to figure out what we need to take with us and not only that, but you can get a 10-day forecast locally and check our twitter feed and see what's going on. we ask you to consider downloading this onto your ipad, your iphone, perhaps your droid. we've had a lot of people
. >> this is a strange alliance between the united states and pakistan. we are both fighting al-qaeda. had this happened with england, with france, with israel or yemen. if we had an enemy terrorist and send drones, they wouldn't have reacted that way. >> even though a senate committee voted unanimously to withhold aide from pakistan, a million for every year of the sentence until he is free, there's no indication the pakistanis are considering letting him go. in washington, fox news. >>> the white house is calling an attack in syria horrific. the new violence left more than 90 people dead, including at least 32 children. the shelling on an area called hula sparked outrage all over the year. the united nations came a short time after demonstrations against president assad. his regime yesterday. >>> two major traffic projects are finally wrapping up, but there's another one in the works. next, the neighborhood to get a major road makeover coming up. and the local high school student made one of the bravest proposals we have ever seen. another big prize, we're going to catch up with chloe after the break
activist chooses e -- who escaped from house arrest is in the united states. guanchang made it to new york with his wife and two children tonight. >> reporter: it was not until he was taken to the beijing airport this morning by chinese authorities that he was told where he was going. he, his wife, and two children were provided passports there and the u.s. government provided expedited visas. this afternoon, ben rhodes reacted to the news. >> and we welcome this development and the fact that he'll be able to pursue a study here in the united states upon his arrival. >> reporter: he will accept an invitation is to stud -- to study law. the reuters quoted a official who said i am happy to receive the news that he is on the way to the u.s. and i look forward to welcoming him and his family tonight and working with him on his course of study. reaction from capitol hill, representative chris smith of new jersey said america welcomes the extraordinary family with open arms while senator mccain tweeted late today, great news. guanchang headed to the usa and we must ensure his relatives and assoc
for united states but conservation. >> we have to go to break thank you very much beautiful animal we will be back >> here she goes. to end all things. >> okay. >> a little gift to the united states  >> this show has gone to the animals. >> gone to the birds.
of state hillary clinton was asked whether the united states is ready for a female president. she said she hopes to see it in her lifetime, but said she won't be the candidate. >> have have -- why have you been saying no to 2016. >> i feel like that -- . >> you're going to be that woman that breaks that final glass ceiling. >> no, really. i -- [ applause ] i, i am very flattered, but i feel like it's time for me to step off the high-wire. i have been involved at the highest levels of american politics for 20 years now. >> clinton is on the final stop of a tour through china, bangladesh, and india. >>> support for gay marriage from the obama administration that seems to be ated odds with the president's own views. this weekend, joe biden claims he was comfortable with heterosexual and gay couples receiving the same. the white house insists the vp has not broken ranks with the president. today during an interview, education secretary arne duncan said he believes that same-sex couples should be able to legally marry. >>> gay marriage is the issue that will send north carolina voters to the po
for the first time despite warnings from the united states and china not to carry out the nuclear test. >>> minorities now surpass whites in births for the first time in the u.s. according to census. rausch and ethnic minority make up almost half of all the children born in the united states. but the rate of growth of hispanics and asians actually fell last year while black growth rates stayed flat. >>> the montgomery county council is reviving a county- wide ambulance fee after it was rejected by vet ores and vetoed by the county executive. they will charge $300 to $#00 for ambulance services. in most cases, health enshushes would pay for that fee. people without insurance or those below a certain income level would be exempt. >>> are more chains in store for american idol? the rumor mill is really churning. is j-lo on the way out? >> no, say its anot so. >> i think they do it to get us talking about it. >> i call it contract negotiates. >>> we are going live to france. a live picture. kevin mccarthy waving hi to our fans out there. we'll speak with him about movies and some parties a
. >> our alcohol excise tax at the present time is below one- half of jurisdictions in the united states. the excise tax in the district has not been increased since 1990. >> estimates on how much this proposed tax will cost vendors varies depending on who you ask. the distilled spirits council of the united states predicted an increase of 12.5% on spirits, 9.7% on wine and 8.5% on beer. >> from national brewers, national distillers, local brewers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, all facets of the industry are here. and they all are very much concerned about the excise tax. >> reporter: mayor convincent grate said last week his plan to raise revenue by allowing bars to stay open later remains the best plan. instead of creating a new tax on drinks. >> i stay with where i was in the first place. i said no new taxes also and i don't want to move to introducing a new tax when i said i wouldn't do that. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> councilman graham believed the $20 million raised could help social service facing budget cuts right now. >> graham and his committe
this country as a united states marine. >>> today, we remind the hunter family that we will not forget his sacrifice. to his family, please know, that we will continue to stand beside you in your grief. your son, your brother, your father, will always be held in our highest regard. >> trooper hunter was the father of six children. this is national police week honoring fallen law enforcement members across the country. >>> a guilty verdict, accused of keeping black voters away from the polls. julie worked for robert ehrlich. hehe told voters not to worry about voting because marty o'malley had already won. he was acquitted on three other charges. >>> president obama and mitt romney went head to head on the campaign trail today. the president highlighted his efforts to fix the housing market and mitt romney unleashed a new round of criticism against the president's handling of the economy. tom fitzgerald is handling both campaigns. >> think back on monday, this week started out with news that the cia had blocked an attempted al-qaeda bomb plot. that was soon followed by the news. for the r
but otherwise undamaged. cameras everywhere. just remember. >> several world powers including the united states in nuclear talks with iran. straight ahead, we'll get the latest on what is going on in baghdad. >>> facebook and morgan stanley? did the investment bank play a role in the big stock selloff. we are checking more more headlines on the otherside.  >>> new this morning, the ininvestment bank that was the lead underwriter in facebook's public stock offering is now under investigation. regulators are looking into whether morgan stanley selectively informed clients that it cut its revenue estimate for facebook before the stock started trading yesterday. the sudden caution may have contributed to a big selloff. shares of facebook are down now more than 18%. morgan stanley maintains it did comply with all regulations. >>> historic elections are now under way in egypt. some 50 million egyptians are choosing among 13 candidates in the first truly democratic elections. >>> nuclear talks with iran just started. six world powers including the united states are sitting down with iranian nego
of international law, the united states in is in an armed conflict with al qaeda, the taliban and some associated forces and we may use force consistent with our inherent rights of national self-defense. >> reporter: the language the former bush administration officials note is strikingly familiar to the republican justifications that candidate obama ripped in 2008. >> represents a 180y in his direction. hypocritical in a sense he continues to criticize those who believe in enhanced interrogation and, nonetheless, does this, which is far more intrusive, i would say. >> reporter: the republicans call this timing of themaive leak to the new york times and whether it was aimed at making the president look more hawkish. >> why this information and the people are target side led out to the press is shocking and fits a pattern of abuse of sensitive intelligence and national security information. >> reporter: white house officials insist there was nothing inappropriate and note the president's more direct hands-on approach has deliberate results. most notably taking out osama bin laden. >> president oba
a beautiful day like today. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. we are the united states navy band commodores, the premier jazz ensemble of the united states navy. >> i love this kind of thing where military bands come out and we support them and they put on a great show on the holidays. they work the holidays. holiday >> they are still giving their lives us for and giving us this comfort of being safe and knowing that, if anything happens, they're there. >> it is cotton candy bubble gum. >> yum. is it melting too fast for you? >> no, it hasn't melted even once. once. >> being a new yorker, after 9- 11, it was such a tragedy for everyone. it is a wonderful thing just to know that our men and women are out there giving their lives for us and keeping us safe. ng >> they're having such a good time, you could tell. >> those snow cones looked so good. >> they will be celebrating mousse nikkei different way on t street remembering the life of a legend. >> : our melanie alnwick is on that story. >> good morning. preparations are under way. they are getting ready for a massive public gathe
, but it is over shadowed by the blind activist who says he wants asylum in the united states. speaking today, secretary clinton did not mention his name and only spoke generally about human rights. >> because we believe that all governments do have to answer, to citizens aspirations, for dignity and rule of law, and that no nation, can or should, deny those rights. >> china is demanding an apology from the united states for interfering in the case, u.s. embassy officials say they are trying to talk to him about his change of heart. >>> michelle bachmann is endorsing mitt romney, the minnesota congress woman is reportedly to make the endorsement later today, at an event with romney in ports mouth, newt gingrich was also supposed to endorse romney when he formerly announced he is stepping aside he did that announcement in arlington yesterday he did promise to help romney win in november but only gave tapped support to the -- tepid support to the nominee. >>> maryland lawmakers will meet in special session to avoid what is being call add doomsday budget, governor o'malley and the house and sena
in the case of the blind dissident. >> now, of course, as part of our dialogue, the united states raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms because we believe that all governments do have to answer to citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law. >> now, clinton quoted president obama saying a cheap that that protects the rights of all its citizens will be a stronger, more prosperous partner for the united states. >> we still have plenty more ahead this morning is morning first, let's take a check. markets. it shows wall street closed mixed yesterday. the dow lost almost 11 but the nasdaq gained over nine points and japan's nikkei up over 29 points overnight. >> most asian markets are falling after disappointing job reports from the u.s. and europe yesterday. new jobs numbers are released later this morning. right now, it is 5:38. we'll be right back in a moment. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card
publicly stated there were no credible threats against the united states. it is not clear in this bomb would have been decked by the full body scanners that we've become familiar with at so many airports. there are also reports that al- qaeda has experimentedded with explosive devices that are surgically in the bodies of suicide bombers. thank you. >>> the obama administration will not make a deal with al- qaeda to secure the freedom of a rockville man. jay carney says president obama is aware of the video released over weekend that shows warren weinstein begging for his life. carney says the president is greatly concerned about wine steep's safety but it is not u.s. policy to negotiate with terrorists. the 70-year-old was kidnapped nine months ago in pakistan. al-qaeda says they will free weinstein only if obama meets all their demands. demands. >>> a look at this morning's other top stories. an alexandria woman is facing felony hit and run charges. police arrested gloria mcmillan yesterday in connection with the deadly case of suspected road rage. authorities say mcmillan hit and kil
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